Our Encoso earth-electrode system ensures the appropriate connection with the ground. Connections <1 Ohm are not a problem, even in difficult terrain. We can also provide the necessary measurements for you.

We work with our own continuous (uninterrupted) driving structure with a customized powered driving system. The high mechanical requirements – required for depth grounding – with necessary large driving depths, are also guaranteed. It is important that the right system can be chosen based on the specified requirements and the terrain. This requires specific expertise, as well as solid experience.

We can be your partner for:
Safety earthing
System or functional earthing
Depth earthing

You can rely on us for engineering, design, and advice regarding these earthing.

Providing necessary risk analyses in accordance with our VCA*
Designing a design and as-built drawings package.
Drafting specifications and procedures.
Providing quality procedures and inspections in accordance with our ISO 9001.
Final commissioning.

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