• Opzoeken gasbuizen
    Opzoeken gasbuizen
  • Opzoeken gresbuizen
    Opzoeken gresbuizen
  • Ingegraven trekput opzoeken
    Ingegraven trekput opzoeken
  • Blootleggen ondergrondse kabelgoot
    Blootleggen ondergrondse kabelgoot
  • Opzoeken glasvezelkabel
    Opzoeken glasvezelkabel
  • Opzoeken ondergrondse leidingen en plaatsen wachtbuis
    Opzoeken ondergrondse leidingen en plaatsen wachtbuis
  • Opzoeken rioolbuis en voedingskabels verlichting
    Opzoeken rioolbuis en voedingskabels verlichting

Manual Trial Trenches

Encoso can handle the digging, measuring, and processing of trial trenches for you. This provides all stakeholders within a project with the desired information, ensuring that surprises during the preparation and execution of a project can always be avoided. Creating and processing trial trenches in this manner is the perfect preparation and a necessary step to successfully carry out the further process. This includes locating existing cables, pipes, ducts, or other possible underground structures.

We can also handle the investigation of cables and pipes, whether in use or not. Everything is always done in accordance with good practice and craftsmanship, taking into account the prevailing and applicable safety measures. We always provide a risk analysis to the client before starting the work.

KLIP/KLIM Accuracy

The Flemish Government sets rules regarding the accuracy of cables and pipelines. The cable and pipeline owner is responsible for the correctness of this data. In the past, this information was not always recorded and maintained correctly. This means that this information often needs to be checked and made more insightful. Additionally, it is important that during work, damage to cables, pipes, and underground structures is avoided in every way possible.

Our Approach

In consultation with all involved parties, the locations and lengths of the trial trenches are determined. Based on this information, we carry out the excavation work. This includes providing any necessary signage and/or traffic measures. Based on the field measurements, we further process the data digitally or analogously, according to the client’s request. This results in a cross-section showing the location of the found cables, pipes, ducts, etc.


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