Encoso designs, supplies, and installs potential transformers with associated insulators with all necessary accessories tailored to your project according to IEC 61869-3. Our insulators comply with IEC 60815 (1986).

The electrical connection box (with grounding connections, fuse holders, resistors, etc.) can also be custom-designed and connected.

We can also assist you in designing, supplying, and installing the necessary lightning arresters tailored to these locations.

You can come to us for:

  • Potential transformers with insulators for medium and high voltage installations
  • Lightning arresters



You can rely on us for engineering, design, and advice regarding these potential transformers.


Providing necessary risk analyses in accordance with our VCA*.
Designing a design and as-built drawings package.
Drafting specifications and procedures.
Providing quality procedures and inspections in accordance with our ISO 9001.
Final commissioning.