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    Blaasopstelling voorbeeld
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    Splice werk in camionette
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    Aansluiting in CTB bak
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    Nieuwe data-kast
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    Blaasopstelling voorbeeld
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    Blazen glasvezelkabel langsheen spoorweg Infrabel
  • Blaasopstelling voorbeeld
    Blaasopstelling voorbeeld
  • Blaasopstelling voorbeeld
    Blaasopstelling voorbeeld
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    Blaasopstelling detail subducts
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    Blaasset opstelling
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    Blazen microducts in bestaande blaasbuis



    • Execution of Data Communication Networks

For fiber optic applications and telecommunications, you can rely on Encoso. We possess specific expertise as well as the very latest technology to handle this with excellence. For every blown cable, data copper cable, or subduct, you will receive a customized As Built blowing report from us. As a technical service provider in the field of network communication, especially for 4G and 5G networks, we also collaborate with clients to develop the best solution for their network. Maintenance of mission-critical carrier-class networks is also within our capabilities.

    • Custom Solutions

Encoso has extensive experience in the installation of fiber optic and copper networks. All our employees are passionate about our profession and convey certainty and reliability. We believe in saying what we do and then doing what we say. Feel free to contact us through any of the channels below and communicate your requirements. Our experienced engineers are ready to assist you!

    • Blowing Fiber and Copper

In an existing HDPE pipe or DB7 with microducts, either already in place or laid by us, the fiber optic cable is blown through the pipe under high pressure using blowing equipment. The distances covered can be many kilometers. We have the means to blow in or add different diameters and numbers of tubes.

    • Subducts – Microducts

Thanks to the wide variety of our intelligent equipment, it is possible to blow fiber tubes into existing HDPE pipes. Under air pressure of up to 15 bar, one or more guide tubes – subducts – microducts are blown through the main conduit, a so-called HDPE pipe. Both the number of tubes and the diameter can vary. We have a unique range of possibilities. Just because certain configurations have never been installed does not mean it cannot be done. There are also options if there are already cables present in the blowing pipe.

    • Copper – Data Cables

Fiber optic cable is not yet the standard everywhere. In some locations, our customers still request the installation of copper cables. Encoso can also blow these cables possibly with high-quality equipment through an HDPE pipe.

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