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Nomination Trends Gazellen 2024 for medium-sized enterprises

Encoso NV has been chosen as a Trends Gazellen 2024 nominee for East Flanders, ranking 29th among medium-sized enterprises.


Installation and pulling of cables in railway environment.

Your specialist in cable works

We install all types of cables and pipelines including signaling, power, raycap, grounding, fiber, or fiber optic cables as well as subducts and blowing tubes. This can be done in both existing or new constructions. The cable works can be performed manually or with an adjustable winch with registration or can be blown in case of fiber cables or subducts.

We can also perform the cable connections themselves for you, for low, medium, or high voltage as well as the necessary cable repairs.

We have an experienced team of highly skilled personnel with the right machinery. Of course, we always adhere to the rules of good practice.

Large or small cable works are always carried out with the same attention, quality, service, and precision. We always provide a custom quote where every customer is important to us.

We can also provide you with the necessary specific references, also within the railway domain.

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Telecom specialist for your network

As a technical service provider in network communication, we can assist you with both the implementation (blowing fiber, subducts, data cable) and the design of your network.

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Customized solar panels for customers

Need a solar panel installation at your site? Encoso NV can fully assist you in developing a comprehensive custom dossier, and of course, we also install them entirely in-house.

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High voltage installation and equipment

We guarantee a total service for your medium and high voltage installations, both in-house and out-of-house cabins, from engineering, design to execution. Curious what we can do for you?

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Demolition and dismantling works

Do you need a specialized partner for carrying out demolition works? We handle building dismantling, asbestos removal, removing structures and debris demolition in-house.

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Depth, safety, and/or functional earthing

Need earthing in difficult terrains and/or less than 1 Ohm? The Encoso earthing electrode system ensures the proper connection with your ground, also suitable for deep earthing.

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Placing paving around electrical cabins.

Ground, excavation, and structural Works

We can also perform various ground works: trenching, installing concrete trenches, placing draw pits, laying conduit pipes, burying cables, making penetrations, directional drilling,…

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Encoso NV offers a targeted solution for your problem

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